Local Student wins place on Model EU

by Margaret Kearns

On the 4th of November 100 students from around the globe will be travelling to Poland to participate in a model representation of the European Union sponsored by the European Students Forum. Edinburgh resident, Jay Alderson was one of the talented one hundred chosen from applicants who were required to submit an essay based on EU subject matter to compete for a place and is the only successful UK entrant.

The event is scheduled to take place over the course of six days in Krakow and the participants have been randomly assigned as representation of the EU’s member states. Jay, a student of Politics and Economy at the University of Edinburgh has been allocated to represent Bulgaria in simulation talks during the week of activities and is eagerly anticipating his involvement in the project “I’m looking forward to meeting other students with common goals and especially in debating European legislature and ideals with similar thinkers from all kinds of backgrounds”

The AEGEE, which coordinates the event, aim to facilitate student familiarity with the organs and functions of the EU and educate on the rules guiding the creation of community legislature. The project is also intended to develop the conference and negotiation techniques of the participants. Two commissions are to be formed replicating the European Council and European Parliament and topics of discussion are to include the acceleration of pre-access talks with Turkey and the institutional approach of common foreign policy within the union.