New Parking Charge Proposals for Edinburgh

Car owners in Edinburgh are being asked to air their views on proposed changes to parking permit charges in the city.

Edinburgh Council has launched a public consultation to gauge public reaction to plans to drop the price of residential parking permits for those with less polluting cars.

According to figures shown on council leaflets distributed this week, about 66% of current residential permit holders would pay less for their permits, 14% would see no change, and 20% would pay more.

However under the current proposal households with more than one vehicle would pay more for second permits, and those with the most polluting cars would face increased charges.

There would be no charge for disabled people with Blue Badges, and the council claim that no extra money would be raised – the aim is to encourage residents to buy energy-efficient vehicles.

Environment Leader Robert Aldridge, said: “There is a national acceptance that more needs to be done to influence the vehicle choices that people make. If this is to happen then local authorities need to play their part and take action to bring about local change.

“It is clear to me that, with ongoing CO2 monitoring identifying several key locations in the city where CO2 levels are causing concern, it is our responsibility to take measures designed to make city centre residents consider the impact that their vehicle choice has on our city.”

“While it is right that people should be free to choose the vehicle that best meets their needs, it is also reasonable that they should pay the appropriate costs of owning their vehicle, which should reflect the amount of pollution it creates. There is also increasing demand for a limited number of parking places in the city and encouraging households to consider whether they need a second vehicle along with initiatives such as the City Car Club has environmental benefits as well as helping the relieve the pressure on residents parking.”

However Polwarth resident James McKendrick was against the plans. He said: “There are two cars in my household and we need them both as I work outside the city and my wife takes the kids out to see her relatives a lot.

“I don’t understand how the council expects us to deal with more expensive permits along with all the other rising costs of living just now. We just bought a new car a year ago – it’s not economical to get a new one so soon just to avoid extra parking charges.”

The consultation is running until the 15th of December and members of the public can participate online at