Locals Object to Lanarkshire Terminal Plans

Residents of North Lanarkshire have protested against plans to build a freight terminal in one of the area’s largest countryside areas.

The Kilgarth Development Company has put forward plans to convert almost two million square feet of grassland between Coatbridge and nearby village Glenboig into a freight rail hub.

At a meeting at Glenboig Community Centre, a group of activists voiced concerns about the proposal.

Cheryl Kelly, spokesman for the Kilgarth Action Group, said: “After meeting the developers, we feel even more strongly that this freight terminal should not be built here. It will cause damage to the environment and we simply do not want it.”

The developers said that over 1,000 jobs would be created if the terminal was built, and assured locals that they had plans in place to avoid increases in traffic. Local activists disagreed with this assessment.

Gerry Clockerty, a Glenboig resident, said: “The defence is based on the idea of creating a new road that links onto the motorway. That idea has not eased anyone’s mind – they don’t want the traffic in the first place.

“There’s a quote going around that the action group have 100% support in Glenboig, and that won’t be far off. It’s not often that there’s a full house in the Community Centre, but there was when the developers showed up.”

He added: “I can’t say whether it will go ahead or not, but if it comes down to public opinion then the fact is that nobody seems to want it.”

The council have set October 24th as the last date for objections to be filed, and the Kilgarth Action Group are encouraging residents to send as many letters of complaint as possible. The plans will then be examined by the council by the end of the year.