Edinburgh Royal Infirmary plays host to NHS celebrations

by Margaret Kearns

A two day celebration is due to take place this weekend at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary in observance of the 60th Anniversary of the NHS this year. An exhibition of practices, equipment, uniforms, documents, archives and historical items will be on show for members of the public over the course of the event taking place at Old Dalkeith Rd. Staff and patients alike are getting involved in marking this momentous anniversary, the aim of which is to demonstrate the evolvement of both the medical profession and the NHS itself since it’s establishment in 1948. 

Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon has organised many national events in 2008 to commemorate the 1948 launch and has been encouraging people to get involved in the festivities. “Most of us have only ever known a Scotland that has an NHS. A high quality publicly owned service which is free to everyone at the point of delivery, but some Scots will remember the days when seeing a doctor was a hard choice, often between essential treatment and food for the family. That kind of choice is scarcely imaginable to us today which is why we must never take our health service for granted.”

People can access this exhibit Sunday 1pm-4pm and Monday 10am-1pm