Crime Explosion Hits Infamous Paisley

PAISLEY was hit by a mass crime wave last week as three stabbings occurred within days of each other.

It all started when three men were rushed to local Royal Alexandra Hospital following a crazed fight in local nightclub Fury Murray’s.

The incident which occurred in the early hours of Sunday the 28th of September in Shuttle Street, Paisley saw the accused, Anthony McEnhill, 45, of Craw Road, take a machete knife to his victims Paul Young, Gary Miller and Charles Bulger, causing one man to lose a finger, and the other two severely injured.

Sheriff Neil Douglas who examined McEnhill, also called in a 20 year old male for questioning, however the additional suspect is known to have fled the country on October 3rd. “A warrant for his arrest has been made” he added.

The tragedy continued to sweep Paisley on October 1st following a raging house party in the Foxbar area of Paisley. A man was left with a punctured lung following a brutal stabbing which Paisley Sheriff Police are now treating as attempted murder.

The third and final assault occurred on Sunday October 5th at 12:10am when two brothers were fighting for their lives following an unprovoked attack as they left Harvies Pub on Glasgow Road.

Eyewitness, Chris Short, 20 said: “One man came rushing back into the pub, screaming with his arm in the air, it was hanging off at the joint, there was blood everywhere”.

The two brothers, both in their forties were rushed to Southern General Hospital in Glasgow to be operated on immediately. They are currently both stable – a man in his early twenties has been held in police custody in connection with the attack.

A Scottish Government campaign calling for better alcohol awareness ran from October 5th- October 11th , the Scottish government is campaigning for a more sound understanding of alcohol awareness and political parties are calling for the binge drinking culture in Scotland to end.

With the main similarity between these three attacks being that their attackers were all under the influence of alcohol at the time of the stabbings, it offers the question if one week out of the year is enough for an anti-alcohol campaign.

“Paisley has always had its trouble, but in the last year or two, especially this one, the crime level has just been disgraceful” says Margaret Shaw, 47, of Paisley.

Perhaps the strain of the infamous credit crunch is starting to take its toll amongst the citizens of Paisley causing them to act out in such violence, either way; there is not enough help to go around.

Nightclubs within the Paisley area have now started to search all socialites before entering the clubs – a little too late, as lax-bouncers should have already be doing this.