Everyone’s A Winner

A woman from Bo’ ness, West Lothian, won’t be feeling the pinch this winter after winning £178,000 at Gala Bingo in Falkirk last week.

The woman, who wishes to be known only as Liz, not only won a tidy amount for herself but also spread the wealth amongst the three friends who were with her on the night. The lucky quartet split all their winnings equally, a longstanding agreement in place.

However Liz wasn’t the only winner on the night. As well as winning the jackpot she also called a “High 5.” For those of you unfamiliar with the wonderful world of bingo the “High 5” meant every other player in the hall won £800 each.

Liz said:” I don’t go to bingo very often so it was a huge shock when I won. It’s not a life changing amount but it’s definitely softened the blow of the credit crunch.”

After buying a new kitchen and treating herself to a new car Liz has decided to save the rest of her winnings for a rainy day. A wise idea perhaps, especially in today’s current economic climate.

Gala Bingo has the highest payout per year of any other bingo hall and on-line bingo site with, on average, a winner every ten seconds.

The effects of the credit crunch have yet to be seen in the bingo industry, with numbers actually increasing due to a lot of “Credit Crunch Promotions” currently available.