Booze crack down angers Scotland fans

Angry Scotland football fans have hit out at police for their booze crack down ahead of the international at Hampden on October 11th.

Police carried out random drink tests on trains and buses headed of the Scotland v Norway match in Glasgow, causing some supporters to miss the start of the game. The tests were carried out as part of the new ‘no booze’ policy implemented during Scotland home games.

The aim is to reduce the number of alcohol related incidents both prior to and after the game, however, supporters have reacted angrily to police methods. Scotland supporter Darren Walters from Glasgow said:

“Me and my two mates had all our beer taken off us, plus they tested our bottles of coke. It took a good twenty minutes, which meant we missed the first ten minutes of the game. It’s disgraceful, especially since we were perfectly sober and well behaved.”

Any fans caught with alcohol had it confiscated in addition to a £40 fine. Although some fans backed the measures taken, they were quick to point out that they felt targeted by police.

Greg Parkin from Aberdeen was at loss as to why Norwegian supporters were seemingly allowed to drink freely on the streets. “There were Norwegians peeing in just about every front garden surrounding Hampden, and police ignored them. Meanwhile Scotland fans were being stopped all over the place, getting our booze taken off us and slapped with fines. Where’s the fairness in that?”

ScotRail later revealed that there had been no major incidents on their trains before or after the game, and that their services had run as normal. Strathclyde police confirmed that fans were well behaved, with only 37 fans refused entry into Hampden.