Sorting out: Recycling Mis-Information

Recycling is not always that easy

Edinburgh City Council made its citizens believe that leaving recycling materials next to full bins would be seen as fly-tipping until last week. A statement on a Council webpage said: “If your nearest recycling point is full, please do not leave materials beside the bins as this is fly-tipping.” Fly-tipping is a criminal offence for which one can be fined or even imprisoned.

“Of course we want to encourage people to recycle and not fine them.” a spokesperson of the Council, admitting the mistake, said. The Council web page about tenement recycling has now changed the text.

Despite a £ 4 million recycling scheme, announced by the Edinburgh City Council last month, many recycling bins are still not emptied often enough.

Local resident Amie Bruce, who is trying to recycle as much as possible, thinks that there are still not enough public recycling points in the area she lives in. “You really have to be lucky to be able to put your recycling into empty containers. Most of the time they are jam-packed” she said.

The new investment by the Council is meant to change the kerbside collection to a weekly routine and new recycling banks will be set up. For 100.000 households there are currently 272 on-street recycling sites. Until now, the Council cannot say where the new facilities will be located: “Locations could include supermarket car parks, on-street and anywhere with ample space and well situated”, a Council spokesperson said. Leaflets will be delivered to Local residents telling them where to find new facilities. There is also an Online map to find out the nearest locations.

The Council also decided that it will introduce a new weekly collection of household food waste by 2011. The Council spokesperson said that an annual increase of landfill taxes and fines for filling landfills with biodegradable waste “the financial case can stack up”. But the Council currently does not have any facilities for processing food waste and could not give any details on the costs of the introduction of this scheme.

The new approaches are welcomed by green groups like the Friends of the Earth Scotland. “However, we are currently working on a program which tackles more waste reduction than recycling.” Davina Shiells of the FOE keswoman of Friends of the Earth Scotland said.

The past week has also been all about green politics with an Energy Saving week in Scotland: The Scottish Government launched a new “Go Greener” advertising campaign giving advice on how to cut fuel bills.

” Scots are keen to go greener in order to save money” according to research the Energy Saving Trust.