Horses abandoned as credit crisis worsens

By Lizzie Beattie

Horses are the latest creatures to succumb to the worsening global credit crisis as more are abandoned each day by owners who cannot afford to keep them.

Charities across Britain, including World Horse Welfare, have reported huge numbers of calls from owners who can no longer afford to feed and home their animals. Combine this with a reported fifty per cent decrease in animals being rehomed and the future for these horses doesn’t look bright.

Hannah Rowley, a spokesperson for World Horse Welfare, the UK’s largest British horse welfare charity said that the charity was finding it difficult to find space for the animals with all four centres close to capacity. She said: ” Generally we don’t take private horses as we have to reserve spaces for emergency RSPCA cases.”

In winter, livery costs can be as high as £120 pounds per week and shoeing costs another £55 every few weeks. With the global credit crunch worsening amid another market slump this morning, many people are  having to make difficult choices. Unfortunately this increasingly means horse owners trying to rehome their animals.

The Thoroughbred Rehabilatation Centre which houses retired racehorses has a six month waiting list. The centre’s operations director, Nicky McDonald said: “We are turning down horses every day and unfortunately we can only take horses that can be rehomed as ridden horses.”