Unpredicted Labour Party Comeback

By Lizzie Beattie

According to a new YouGov poll the SNP may have lost their lead in the Glenrothes by-election today amid a u-turn on their local income tax plan.

Over the last seven weeks Labour’s popularity has increased by six points, coinciding with a dip of five points for the SNP. This leaves the Labour Party ahead with 38 per cent of Glenrothes votes.

Traditionally a safe Labour seat, the SNP lead polls in Glenrothes until yesterday. Gordon Brown’s visit to his old constituency compounded Labour’s rise in popularity and the down-fall of the SNP. Voters also cited Brown’s handling of the credit crisis and the SNP’s u-turn on income tax as reasons for the rise in popularity.

The SNP’s promise of abolishing council tax and replacing it with local income tax was what made them popular with many voters. However, amid criticism from some quarters that this may benefit the rich, the SNP have withdrawn this scheme and now plan to put a tax of 3 pence in the pound on unearned income. This is seen as a massive u-turn by voters and many feel cheated, resulting in Labour’s renewed popularity in Glenrothes.