Barack Obama – a symbol for hope and inspiration.

Mound Bayou, Mississippi, is one of the poorest communities in the United States. It was built up by former slaves in the 1880’s. The community became a refuge for black people to escape harassment and lynch mobs from the whites. It slowly grew stronger and by the 1920’s it had a population of 8000 and own utility companies; cotton mills, bank, railway station, sawmill and newspaper. This was largely affected during the depression when the cotton price dropped and a lot of people moved to the industrial cities in the north.

Mound Bayou’s average household income is $19,700 (£12,400) which is a sad figure compared to the average household income, $50,200. A large number of the population in Mound Bayou is either retired, unemployed or incarcerated. 

The young citizens of Mound Bayou are greatly excited about the election that may give them the first black american president. Barack Obama has given them the will to pursue their dreams and a feeling that nothing is impossible.

Unfortunately the issue of racism in America has once again arisen where a white supremacist group has threatened to assassinate Barack Obama, bringing back memories for the victims of racism in Mound Bayou. Barack Obama is not only a symbol of hope for the young people but also inspirational for older generations as he defies racial extremists in America.