C12 Claims he Gave Victim Warning

The police marksman known as Charlie 12 who shot the innocent Jean Charles de Menezes dead did so because he believed him to be a suicide bomber. Charlie 12 yesterday insisted that he had given fair warning to De Menezes before shooting.

At the on going inquest into De Menezes murder Michael Mansfield QC, who has been representing the Menezes family, claimed that Charlie 12 had no reason to believe the Brazilian was about to detonate a bomb when he shot him.  The De Menzes family representative also said that it was highly probable that Charlie 12 had been so “consumed” with the thought of what De Menezes might of done the previous day that he did not asses the situation appropriately

The representatives for the police marksman refute the claims made by Mansfield and continue to argue that De Menezes was aggressive when he was apprehended by the Marksman.  C12 has also claimed that he gave De Menezes fair warning by shouting “armed police” when pointing his gun but De Menezes continued to proceed towards him.

Some doubt has been placed over the claim of fair warning being given to De Menezes as the 6 officers on the subway carriage, as well as the 17 passengers who made statements after the shooting never mentioned hearing a warning from C12.

C12 has accepted that he was in a position to apprehend De Menezes before he entered the subway station but was not ordered to do so.

The inquest continues with evidence today from another officer who shot De Menezes who has been named Charlie 2.