Haymarket War Memorial

Haymarket War Memorial
Haymarket War Memorial

The Heart of Midlothian War Memorial is to be put back in its rightful place at Haymarket, a stones throw away from its previous location, city leaders have confirmed.

The memorial was set to be permanently moved to an obscure location in Atholl Crescent, of the main street and behind a row of trees, on the recommendation of tram company TIE.

But now a temporary stone to remember those who fought in the Great War will be laid in the street until 2011 when the memorial clock will be brought out of storage and put back into its location.

The news was cautiously welcomed by fans of the club and campaigners alike who are still concerned of its two year absence.

Jack Alexander, of the Friends of the Heart of Midlothain War Memorial said: “The clarification is good news but we will carry on with our campaign, we need to get the Historic Scotland listing improved, it is something which probably should have been done 30 years ago. We’re not terribly happy with the two-year absence. The only people who want to have a two-year consultation are the officials who propose moving it to Atholl Crescent.”

The memorial was built in 1922 to commemorate the team’s footballers who had signed up to fight in the First World War. Every year fans of the club and the general public gather on Remembrance Day Sunday to pay their respects to those who died for their country.

Councillor Cardownie who issued the statement about the memorial’s return to its location, said: “It was important to allay the fears of both Hearts supporters and the wider public.The memorial was always to return to Haymarket, the best place to be seen to remind people of the sacrifice of these brave men, particularly on Remembrance Sunday. It will return to Haymarket, and to a stone’s throw away from where it is currently located.”

Hearts were the first team to enlist in the war and a spokesperson for the club said: “The Heart of Midlothian Football Club war memorial is every bit as important as Tynecastle Stadium itself. There is one home and one home only for the war memorial and there should be an immediate reinstatement of the memorial to Haymarket on conclusion of the tram works.”

Come the end of works to the Edinburgh trams the campaign will hope that it has been a true success and the memorial is back where it belongs.