New Talent, Ross Clark Comes to Edinburgh

Since becoming a prominent music figure in Glaswegian pubs and clubs a lot of lazy comparisons have been made about Ross Clark. Being called anything from the third Proclaimer to Glasgow’s own Bright Eyes, yet despite this Clark has now managed to define himself as an individual.

Some may claim this is down to his large spectacles or frequently worn plaid shirts, but to those who have seen him perform it becomes clear that novelty dress is not only what he has to offer. As a performer Clark has the ability to captivate the crowd, many have now become somewhat addicted to the naive charm which comes from his self defined “bizarre country music”. Now, at the young age of twenty with only four years of playing experience behind him, it is incredible the feeling of empathy that the audience gets when watching this young talent take to the stage to perform his wide range of songs, including fan favourites such as ‘Hopeless Romantic’ and ’Silversword’.

At the moment it is only really the frequent drinkers of trendy Glasgow pubs who could recite off the top of their heads charming lyrics of his such as “I could message other people but I just want a reply from you”. Yet with an EP released last year and a solo album coming out at the end of November on the Scottish label Instinctive Racoon, Clark is becoming prepared to take, not only Glasgow but, all of Scotland by storm.

Next stop Edinburgh. The capital has yet to hear much from Clark. His main audiences have mainly been confined to Glasgow and Dundee, but Edinburgh is now about to become much more aware of the young talent from Clydebank. His Edinburgh debut will be taking place at the famous Caves where the likes of James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem recently played.

Personally, Clark is excited about playing more frequently in Edinburgh. He feels this will provide him with not only the chance to increase his fan base, but also looks on the experience as an opportunity to get people more acquainted with the new addition to his once solo act – The Scarfs Go Missing.

The oddly named Scarfs Go Missing are a group of fellow Glasgow based musicians who joined Clark this year to put, as he says, more “meat on the bones” of his acoustic songs. This has been succesfully completed with the use of this talented three piece band. Before this recent development the stage was solely occupied by Clark, but now it has become invaded by a wide range of talent. With Clark you can  now also see and hear a somewhat unexpected trumpet and violin addition. Together they now provide a shock to anyone expecting a simple but pleasant ballad.

You can see Ross Clark and The Scarf’s Go Missing this week at the Edinburgh Caves on Thursday the 30th of October.

Ross Clark & The Scarf's go missing
Ross Clark & The Scarf's Go Missing