Osborne: ‘It Didn’t Look Very Good’

George Osborne yesterday apologised again for his ‘mistake’ over his meeting with a Russian billionaire.

The Shadow Chancellor made it clear that he believed his error to be a lack of judgement rather than a legal issue. However the question remains, if no money changed hands or was even asked for, then why is an apology required?

He said: “I think I did make a mistake. I think in politics it is not just what you say or what you do, it is how things look. I must be honest, it didn’t look very good.”

Mr Osborne, then, believes that the issue is more of a public relations error. Yet the actual content of his conversations remain unclear.

Labour MP Denis MacShane said: “George Osborne is still refusing to come clean with the public about the nature of the conversations he had in which donations to the Conservative Party were discussed.

“He has now confessed that he made an error of judgement but, for the sake of clean politics, he now needs to answer the questions he refused to answer last week.”

Mr Osborne released a 900 word statement to the public last week explaining his encounter with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, but has refused to give details of any discussions over donations.

As foreign nationals are not allowed by law to donate to a British political party, further questions have been raised which details of these undisclosed conversations could answer.

With a poll carried out today by The Independent shortening the Conservative lead over Labour by eleven points, these allegations about the Shadow Chancellor could mark another defeat in David Cameron’s PR war.