Final bell to ring for world’s worst boxer

By Adam Bergin & Michael Heggie

One of very few victories
One of very few victories

A 256 times defeated boxer will bow out this Friday with his last fight in Birmingham.

Peter Buckley has lost more fights than any other boxer in the world. His victors included 42 future World, European, British and Commonwealth Champions.

He said: “I’ve had my eye on the 300 mark for a while, and it’s a little milestone I want to achieve, but I don’t want to fight on.

“People keep saying to me that I’ll get a call in a few weeks’ time offering me a fight and I’ll say yes, but I mean it when I say this is it.”

He was a talented super-featherweight who won the Midlands area title. Then he discovered a more lucrative calling, as an opponent for boxers with hot prospects.

Buckley has sometimes boxed so often, and unsuccessfully, that he has turned up with a black eye before a bout. Though the governing body continues to send him for medical tests, Buckley continues to pass them.

Throughout his career, he has kept himself in a constant state of readiness, ready to lose a fight at a moment’s notice anywhere in the country.

For his last bout, at the Aston Events Centre, Buckley has been given the rare treat of advanced notice and home-town advantage, and there is even a chance that he might win.

He added: “I don’t know what I’ll do when it’s all over on Friday, but I’d love to stay in boxing in one capacity or another. Boxing has been good to me over the years. When I was a youngster I was in trouble with the police, a really wild kid. But the sport has given me a focus in life.”