Horror at Lesser Hampden

Chick was in agony
Hacked: Chick was in agony

By James Davies

What was supposed to be a friendly kick about between Holyroods main men, and a team of sports journalists had to be abandoned when violence kicked off.

MSP’s were branded ‘foul mouthed thugs’ after the referee was forced to blow the whistle on the friendly match just 10 minutes in to the second half. The ref had no choice but to bring a halt to the match after TV Pundit, Chick Young, was brutally hacked by Labours John Park, following a series of other childish antics.

The MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife hacked down the 57 year old pundit in what was described as an ‘over-the-top challenge’ which resulted in chick getting carried off the pitch on a stretcher.

The politicians squad was made up of Labours Mid Scotland and Fife MSP John Park, Eastwood MSP Ken Macintosh, Former Sports Minister Frank McAveety, MSP for East Kilbride and former Government Minister Andy Kerr, Glasgow Labour Councillor Gorge Redmond and SNP’s Central Scotland representative Jamie Hepburn.

The Bank Of Scotland sponsored match was abandoned after 55 minutes when pundit Chick Young was carried off the pitch on a stretcher with what he initially thought was a broken ankle. He blasted the politicians and said: “they were a team of thugs.

“Some of the tackles and comments were shocking. They are the people who are running the country and they were a team of thugs. It makes you think about who is actually running the country. One of the MSPs was giving the ref pelters. His language was awful.

“This was supposed to be just a kick about but it was out of order. I thought I had broken my ankle. The guy came in with a straight leg and with his studs up. I was in agony. Even while I was lying on the ground someone tried to stand on my fingers. I’ve been playing friendly matches for 20 years and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Mr Park – who was substituted after his violent tackle – said: ” It was a bit of a late tackle on Chick. It was a bit rash. I wasn’t sent off, it was more of an enforced substitution. I didn’t see what happened at the end.

” I was already in the showers and the next thing everybody was wandering in and saying the ref had abandoned the match. I wouldn’t have said it was out of order. Although, I do remember the referee telling us to grow up and pack it in.

Even before the match started, there was tension in the air when Glasgow Councillor, George Redmond, screamed ‘let’s get these c***s’ in a raging battle cry. Mr Redmond,40, accused the Journalist team of being too soft: “I wouldn’t say it was out of order. I think the journalists were frustrated because they were getting beat”.

The match was abandoned with the politicians leading 6-2 after a punch up between nine people. Shamed politicians say no blows were exchanged, but are now having to face the rough times ahead.