Pakistan Appeal for Aid

By Jenny Scott

The local mayor of Balochistan, Dilawar Khan Kakar, has appealed to the whole world for help after last night’s earthquake killed at least 160 people and left 15,000 homeless.

A 6.4 magnitude quake hit two hours before dawn followed by a similarly powerful tremor just two hours later with 18 aftershocks adding to the destruction.

The mayor of the province in south-western Pakistan, said in an interview with Express News Televison:“We need food. We need medicine. People need warm clothes, blankets. Because it is cold here.”

The death toll is expected to rise with reports still coming in from the more isolated mountain regions of the province.

Rescue workers have already pulled 160 bodies from the rubble in the Ziarat valley area, one of Balochistan’s most popular tourist spots. They are still struggling to reach the sparsely populated mountains above the valley where countless people are believed to be trapped under rubble and debris.

A series of landslides were also triggered due to the quakes resulting in an even greater loss of homes. Survivors were forced to spend the night outdoors with nothing more than the clothes they were sleeping in when the disaster struck.

Authorities are still struggling to deal with the sheer amount of dead bodies, the majority being buried in mass graves as quickly as possible to prevent the spread of disease.

One senior official told Reuters: “Graves are being dug with excavators… we can’t keep dead bodies in the open.”

In residential villages distraught residents are being forced to dig mass graves for their friends and relatives as quickly as possible so they can carry on searching through rubble for survivors.

Officials said the army are airlifting troops and medical teams in to the quake zone to help with the search for survivors as well as providing tents, blankets and most importantly a field hospital.