Scottish Comedy Stands Strong

Colleen Reid

Possibly the snuggest venue for comedy in Edinburgh, The Stand Comedy Club plays host to a weekly night of amateurs known as Red Raw. Expect laughs, unbelievable life stories and heckling all for the cost of a pint.

The ever popular Red Raw gives eight acts the chance to debut on the comedy scene whether for the first time or on a weekly slot. To ease the night along resident comedian JoJo Sutherland has the crowd in stitches from kick off with stories about drinking, middle age life and her teenage sons.

Following her lead, comedy newbies, mixed in with The Stand legends such as Vladimir McTavish, take to the stage to try their hand at tickling the audience. Obviously not always as successful as the acts hope. One fresh act let nerves(and poor material) get the better of him and as he started mumbling on about necrophilia his set was promptly cut short.

Vladimir McTavish
Vladimir McTavish

McTavish’s set however, was as strong as ever as he touched on the issue of the Scots and binge drinking. The crowd was in uproar as the self proclaimed love child of Oor Wullie and Aggie MacKenzie easily polished off two pints and a nip of whiskey in his five minute set. During which, he proved that office workers are to blame for binge drinking when they invite each other out for ‘just the one’ after work

Each Red Raw night is headlined by an up and coming comedian from the UK and last night was no exception with London born Marlon Davis. Davis had the crowd in stitches with a hilarious take on his recent breakup, from falling in love to his final and quite worrying sexual encounter. Previously described as the Chris Rock of Britain, Davis is definitely one to look out for.

The effortlessly funny night was a well craved change from the usual pub scene and is recommended to everyone whether your taste in humour is dry, light or just plain wrong.

Red Raw, every Tuesday from 8pm at The Stand Comedy Club.