Wrong diagnosis

By Nicola Dick

A 14-year-old school boy has died after being diagnosed the wrong acne tablets. Shaun Jones from Wales is suspected to have suffered from an allergic reaction.antidepressant

This is not the first case of innocent people being prescribed the wrong medication from their GP. Only recently local woman Jody Dick, 26, found she has been on the wrong tablets to help with depression for two years. This has caused herself and her family unneeded pain and fear:

“It is advised not mix alcohol with all anti-depressants, which like myself, most people will chose to ignore. In my case though, the tablets which were prescribed to me were the worst ones to drink with. They caused me to lose control and become very aggressive. I was very confused. My doctor knew of my drinking and aggression but never linked the two.

Jody found that because she was prescribed the wrong medication, she now has a criminal record and feels she has lost a year of her life:

“Before starting the tablets I had never been aggressive towards any family member or friend when under the influence of alcohol. I feel my GP has caused unnecessary pain and stress for my family. I did not know what I was doing and honestly thought I was going mental.”

A GP from the same surgery also diagnosed Jody’s Mum as having the flu. She died a few days later from cancer. Her younger sister described the grief this caused their family:

“I still can’t believe someone who is meant to be a professional doctor can mistaken cancer for a common flu. He turned up at our house and he was there for at least 10 minutes. I don’t see how any doctor could have made a proper diagnosis from such short a visit. It was clear to me that she needed to go into hospital.”

Being prescribed the wrong medication is dangerous and causes physical and emotional pain. For the majority of the public the thought of being on the wrong medication may never have occurred to them. It is the responsibility of the GP to make sure we are diagnosed properly. After all, our fate is in their hands.