Life outside Glasgow?

Curly's Heroes in action
Curly's Heroes in action

By Brian McLaughlin

In a week that has seen music fans shell out £45 to see Oasis at Murrayfield, it’s refreshing to hear of a promoter that really is all about the music.

Renfrewshire-based J.S. Promotions, set up in late 2007 by Renfrew teenager Jamie Size, is crusading against perceived high ticket prices in nearby Glasgow by staging shows in and around Renfrew for as little as £1 entry in hope of helping local bands develop a strong fan base.

J.S. Promotions chief Jamie Size said: “The Glasgow music scene is all about money, they don’t care about the acts. My aim with J.S Promotions is just to help local bands get a good following, and to show people that it is worth coming out of Glasgow once in a while to hear good music.”

Although none of the acts on J.S. Promotions’ roster can claim to be musical heavyweights, what they lack in fame (or infamy, as the case often is with musicians) is made up for in raw talent and potential.

Engage the Enemy’s brand of driving metal is reminiscent of early Metallica, while Size’s own band, Curly’s Heroes, bring the spirit of punk to 21st century Renfrew through their rag-tag sound and DIY attitude, and they are just the tip of an ever-growing iceberg.

This, it would appear, is only the beginning for J.S. Promotions, as Size is in the process of setting up his own recording studio to provide low-cost use of equipment that would normally only come at a premium. On this, Size said: “I’m excited about the recording side of things. It gives me a chance to use my passion for music in another way, helping the bands record demos that might get them signed.”

All of this brings J.S. Promotions closer to achieving their aim of bringing life to the Renfrew music scene, and proving there is such a thing outside Glasgow.