Drinking during pregnancy results in calmer tots.

Light drinking during pregnancy can result in calmer babies it is claimed.

Recently the government and doctors have been giving conflicting advice to pregnant mothers about the safety of light drinking (one to two glasses of wine per week) during their pregnancies. However, a major study has found that some babies born to mothers who drank a little during pregnancy had calmer toddlers.

The government has advised pregnant mothers and women trying to conceive to avoid alcohol. Whereas doctors are convinced that drinking in moderation cannot harm a baby in the womb and new findings have shown that it can actually result in a more positive mental growth in toddlers.

Heavy drinking during pregnancy in the most serious of cases can lead to ‘foetal alcohol syndrome’. However research into the effects of light drinking done by The University College London Team has shown that a little alcohol has positive effects.

Dr Yvonne Kelly of the London college assures pregnant mothers that “light drinking does not increase the risk of behavioral difficulties.

Those born to light drinkers were less likely to have problems compaired to children with abstinent mothers.”

This study which has been published in the International journal of Epidemiology looks at the behavior of babies who were born to mothers who drank moderately, lightly and those who avoided alcohol completely during their pregnancy. Female babies born to mothers who drank lightly during their pregnancy were shown to have 30% less emotional problems than those born to mothers who avoided alcohol completely.

The study also showed that boys born to mothers who drunk lightly during pregnancy were 40% less likely to have conduct problems and also 30% less likely to suffer from hyperactivity in comparison to the boys from mothers who avoided alcohol completely.

However Dr Vivienne Nathanson of the British medical association is worried that this research “may lull women into a false sense of security and give them the green light that there is no problem with drinking during pregnancy.”