Mary Poppins Shows Edinburgh A ‘Practically Perfect’ Good Time

Earlier this month the world’s favourite nanny, Mary Poppins landed in Edinburgh for a practically perfect, show stopping, good time.

Adapted from the classic Walt Disney film and Cameron Mackintosh, “Mary Poppins” is a brilliant theatrical production loaded with laughter, high energy, and spectacular music, led by stage and film director Richard Eyre. 

As the stage lights come up, one is taken to into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Banks and their two children, Jane and Michael, on 17 Cherry Tree Lane.  A rather rambunctious boy and girl, Jane and Michael send yet another nanny on her way after being badly behaved and naughty.  

Shortly after, Jane and Michael compose a letter in hopes of finding the perfect nanny. From here, Mary Poppins magically appears, and the adventure continues, but you’ll have to see the rest for your self to find out how it ends.

Mary Poppins has been playing at the Edinburgh Playhouse since Monday 27 October and will end on Saturday December 6 2008.

Edinburgh is the only stop for Mary Poppins in Scotland and one of the five major cities the production will show in during its first United Kingdom tour. Other stops for Mary Poppins includes: Plymouth, Birmingham, Manchester, and Cardiff.

According to Pam Blyth, Press Officer at Edinburgh Playhouse, “The show runs eight performances a week and our theatre is almost always sold out, even during the week day the show attracts a large crowd.”

Best of all, Mary Poppins is a musical extravaganza made for audiences of all ages. “Whether you’re four or eighty two, Mary Poppins is a show that everyone can relate to and reminds us all about the importance of family. It’s got that real Disney magic.” stated Blyth.

Audience member Julia Bogue, 20 from York, England attended the production on Wednesday 29 October and said, “Mary Poppins was out of the ordinary. I just can’t believe it was that good. I loved the costumes and dancing. The music soared throughout the theatre and the final scene of Mary flying away gave me chills like you wouldn’t believe.”

Be forewarned, the show reveals some of the most extraordinary special effects, lighting, scenery, and choreography displayed in a modern, touring musical production. It’s simply marvellous and will leave your jaw hanging to the ground.

In fact, the show all together is relatively complex and it takes 18 x 45’ trailers to move the show from one venue to the next.

What’s more, there are over 350 lighting cues and over 100 moving lights. The wardrobe department takes care of 251 show outfits and 122 understudy outfits.

If you think that is fascinating, wait until you hear that there are 215 costume changes during each performance. The majority of the fabrics used in the show are dyed, embroiders, and printed exclusively for the Mary Poppins cast. Every pair of shoes is tailor made for each individual cast member; talk about special treatment.

There are 80 loads of wash per week, using 10 litres of washing liquid and two litres of fabric conditioner. Everyday the laundry takes eight hours to wash, dry, iron, and sort.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder Blyth refers to Mary Poppins as a “mammoth production.”

Blyth described being backstage during this production “as a whirl wind of excitement and incredible atmosphere. It’s so fast paced and everyone has a job to do. It’s a buzz that has stuck with me for weeks now.”

Marie Bruce, 81 and a tourist from the United States of America eagerly stated after watching the show on Saturday, 18 October, “Never have I seen such a touching, exhilarating, and heart felt show as what I witnessed here tonight at the Playhouse.  It’s the ideal city for Mary Poppins and absolutely unforgettable.”

For ticket information, contact the Edinburgh Playhouse at Tele: 0131 524 3333 or visit them on the web at