Deadly Toys In Scottish Shops


By Oliver Graham-Yooll

Magnetic toys that have killed one child and left several injured have been found on sale in Scottish shops as Christmas gifts.

The plastic building blocks ‘Magnetix’ construction sets contain strong magnets, which when swallowed can connect in the stomach causing severe injures, Doctors have likened these injuries to those of knife wounds or gun shots.

The death of 20-month-old Kenny Sweeney was as a result of ingesting magnets that had fallen out of building blocks. The magnets connected inside his stomach causing his intestines to twist, which to septic shock.

His mother stated: “It does say there is a choking hazard on the toys.

“But they don’t say it causes serious injury or death, which is the kind of warning they need to have.”

The product was recalled from American stores following the death in 2006.

In spite of this, the toys have been found on sale in Scottish toyshops and available to be bought online.

This follows record numbers of toys being recalled over the summer, 18 million Batman, Polly Pocket and Doggy Daycare toys were taken off shelves due to containing hazardous magnets.

Since 2006 several injures across America have been reported caused by the magnets. Surgeons describe the injuries as “essentially a gunshot or stab wound”

The spokesman for Megabrand, the company that owned ‘Megnetix’, stated that:
“No global safety standard is as high as the Megabrands standard. Most companies just test products when they have been made but we are constantly testing them from the design onwards.”

In the UK the organisation that represents the major Toy companies called for toys containing magnets to carry clear warnings.

Despite many toys being banned from UK shelves, in the run up to Christmas it will still be possible to buy these hazardous toys online, which poses a continued threat.