Green’s plan to ruin Resorts Trump card

By Graeme Gardiner

Donald Trump’s £1bn North East golf resort faces morenov29_trump_299x229 opposition, despite plans being accepted by Scottish officials last week after a year of rejection.

Environmental activists are vowing to stand in the way of the course, in the Menie estate north of Aberdeen, ever being allowed to stage the British open. This would cost Trump millions of pounds in lost ticket revenue and stop him from achieving one of the greatest honours for a golf course.

Groups such as the ramblers association and the RSPB plan to meet up and discuss the different ways that they can go about opposing Trump’s plans. One possible tactic includes lobbying the owners of all the Major events to freeze Trump out of any future competitions.

The course has faced opposition from when Trump first proposed it two years ago and was originally rejected by the Aberdeenshire council on the grounds it would be damaging to the ecological grounds it is based on.

Martin Ford, the liberal democrat councillor who helped reject the original plans last year said: “This is a very, very bad precedent indeed and sends out a bad message about the protection in Scotland of our natural heritage sites.”

The Scottish Government decided to step in after the original rejection and last week gave Trump the go ahead. Scottish Prime Minister Alex Salmond publicly backed the course and stated:

“In tough economic times, substantial investment of this kind is at a premium. Six thousand jobs, including 1,400 which will be local and permanent, is a powerful argument,”

The resort will be comprised of two world class golf courses, a golf academy, 950 timeshare flats and 36 villas, the construction of all this is expected to generate 60,000 jobs and the course is said to generate an extra £63 million revenue for Aberdeen.