Facebook scam

by Christine Olsson

Facebook logoCyber criminals are hacking into Facebook accounts, pretending to be a friend in need in an attempt to receive bank account details.

After hacking into the Facebook account they send out an e-mail to their friends with a sob story saying they are in desperate need of money.

The story came to light when a google employee, Karina Wells from Sydney, got a letter from her friend, Adrian, who supposedly was stuck in Nigeria and needed £220 for a flight ticket home. She became suspicious when she read the words “cell phone” instead of “mobile phone”. Ms Wells pretended to help and took all the details of where he was and forwarded them to Facebook.

Computer experts are now saying that people who has a lot of friends on Facebook are likely to be targeted. Graham Cluley from the security firm Sophos said: “Facebook has opened people up to a lot of new threats. The more friends you have, the greater the risk.”

Facebook, with its 8 million Brittish users, replies: “Only a small percentage of users have been affected by recent spam attacks. We are updating our security systems.”