Guillemots Flock To Edinburgh

By Jenny Scott

guillemotsWith a hectic summer of festivals and gigs behind them the Guillemots have been taking a well-deserved breather lately. It wasn’t to last long though as last Friday saw the band set off on their nationwide tour, and frontman Fyfe Dangerfield couldn’t be more excited.

The “Fishbone for a Drink Tour” kicked off in Birmingham and sees the band hit sixteen different cities across Scotland and England. Fyfe explains the simple reasoning behind the tour’s slightly bizarre name: “It’s a B side of ours, so that’s how the name came about really. We just recorded the track recently and it seemed as good a name as any for the tour. There’s no great hidden message there.”

And although Dangerfield doesn’t have a specific venue he’s most excited about playing this time round: “ We’ve got all sorts really, I think they’re all going to be good. I’m just really looking forward to the whole thing,” he does mention the bands performance at the Somerset House Summer Series as one of their standout gigs to date. “We played one at Somerset House in London that was really nice… but there’s been loads.” Guillemots were one of ten acts, including the likes of Kasabian, Hot Chip and Amy Winehouse, to play the London Landmark’s Summer Series in 2007.

Like band mate MC Lord Magrão, Dangerfield admits he also shares a passion for small venues. “Smaller venues can be a lot more rewarding to play because you can connect with the audience more and obviously its more intimate.” That doesn’t mean however, that the band have been actively seeking out modest spots where they can cosy up to the audience.

“This tours more just about keeping it varied. Every night should be really different… the more varied it is for us obviously the more fresh it’s going to seem for the audience. There is that risk that you just go on autopilot a bit, and just with the places we’re playing as well.” This tour sees the Guillemots playing an abandoned custard factory and caves in Cornwall amongst a few other off-the-beaten track venues.

The content is geared towards being more spontaneous too as the band are being joined by film events company Future Shorts, who they previously collaborated with at the Latitude Festival, when they re-scored David Lynch’s classic Eraserhead. A selection of short films will be played before every show, and each one will feature an improvised soundtrack provided by the band.

With such a unique ensemble like the Guillemots it’s hard to believe they could ever sound less than spontaneous. Especially with the influences Dangerfield lists, among them: ”not even just music, it could be the mood your in, the food you’ve had that day or just someone sitting across from you in a café.”

He also mentions the song he’d most like to cover as Neil Diamond’s Red Red Wine. “The thing is I only heard his original version of the song recently, I mean his original, original one from the 60’s and it’s absolutely beautiful and amazing. I only ever knew the UB40 version, and I’ve got nothing against UB40, but it sounds like Mr Blobby or something like that. Really I prefer his original one, it’s such a special song, I think it’s amazing. The simplest things are the best, the way he delivers the lyrics, its just perfect. I dunno if I should cover it though cause it’d never be any better.”

The Guillemots are playing Inverness Eden Court tonight and the Edinburgh Picture House on Thursday the 13th of November. Some tickets are still available for both dates from Ticketmaster but be quick!