Hannah, 13, refuses heart transplant

By Christine Olsson

Hannah Jones, 13
Hannah Jones, 13

Hannah, 13, won the case in court when she was to be taken away from her parents custody because of her decision to not go through the risky heart transplant.

Hannah’s local health authority launched a high court action to insist on the operation against Hannah’s wishes. Hannah pleaded her case from her sickbed to a child protection officer, saying that she wants to enjoy quality life with her family and friends. Herefordshire Primary Care backed down.

Hannah Jones, was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of five. Her medical treatment caused a hole in her heart which meant that she had to go through a heart transplant. The procedure is very risky for Hannah, if she survives the operation, there would be a risk for the leukemia to come back because of her weakened immune system. The heart would also only last for ten years and she would be dependent on drug treatment and another transplant later on.

Dad Andrew said: “We obviously want Hannah with us for as long as possible, but we’re not going to force her into something she definitely does not want. She has been in and out of hospital all her life and has decided that she has had enough of it.”

Hannah got a pacemaker last year when her condition got worse and was told that she would be lucky to live to Christmas, she has now outlived the predictions and is looking forward to the invitation from charity Caudwell Children; a trip to Disney World in Florida. Meanwhile, Hannah’s parents are worrying about obtaining medical insurance for the trip since they went through the same procedure when Hannah was five and had to cancel the trip to Paris and Disney World because they were unable to receive the insurance.