Protected birds found dead next to poisoned meat

By Euan Black

A magnificent white-tailed sea eagle like White G
A magnificent white-tailed sea eagle like White G

Tayside Police have launched an inquiry after two protected birds were found dead next to over 30 cubes of poisoned meat

A sea eagle, endearingly known as White G by the RSPB, was found dead alongside a buzzard near the edge of the Glenqueich and Glenogil estates in Angus earlier this year.

They were found next to a plethora of poisoned venison cubes, which were laced with pesticides, including the banned substance carbofuran. 

Tayside Police discovered the alleged bait on electric fenceposts on the Glenogil estate, along with the body of a hare on the adjacent estate. 

RSPB Scotland claims this was the largest seizure of poisoned baits in Scotland.

Bob Elliot, head of investigation for RSPB Scotland, is very suspicious of the reasons the bait was left: “The bait on the ground – which is the hare – and then the 32 cubes of venison on the fence posts, it’s highly indicative of a really really strong attempt to kill anything that’s flying that likes to eat meat.”

Michael Russell, the environment minister, said: “The sea eagle is a magnificent bird of prey. Poisoning them is simply unacceptable.”

A spokesman for Tayside Police said the investigation was ongoing.