‘The Audacity of Clothing Me’: the Sarah Palin story

by Michael Fern


The inspiring rise from the beauty pageant stage to the vice-presidential debating platform is the stuff best-sellers are made of. This is the belief of Sarah Palin, who may be set to write her memoirs.

The story of the maverick but wholesome family-minded hunter is one expected to chime with the public, according to a number of publishers and talent agents currently courting Governor Palin.

Stuart Applebaum of US publisher Random House said to the New York Post: “Several of our imprints are eager to talk to Governor Palin.

“She clearly has a constituency and we know books by conservatively centred politicos usually sell very, very well.”

Mrs Palin has never been considered an avid reader by the public, struggling earlier this year to name a single newspaper during an interview, but she could use a memoir as an opportunity to counter a number of stories which dogged her during the campaign, from the cost of her wardrobe to her role in the “troopergate” scandal.

Palin’s book would be in good company if she follows through on her idea of running for President in 2012. Every candidate for the presidency in 2008 had penned a memoir with Barack Obama writing two, the personal Dreams From My Father and it’s more politically minded sequel The Audacity of Hope.