A catalogue of abuse

By James Davies

Baby P suffered at the hands of his mother, who claimed her son ‘bruised easy’.

The toddler, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was pronounced dead shortly after midday on 3 August at the North Middlesex Hospital in Edmonton, North London. Baby P’s mother, who made the 999 call, described to the operator that he was ‘blue, cold and stiff’.

She told social workers the day before he died that she was going to go home, hug her son and bake some cakes. The next morning he was dead.

The post-mortem examination on baby P, revealed that he suffered a catalogue of shocking injuries which the mother allegedly knew nothing about. He suffered: a number of bruises, cuts and scrapes along with a laceration to his ear lobe, several broken ribs and a broken back, a large gouge in his head (possibly from a dog bite), several missing toenails and fingernails, a tear from his lip to his gum and a tooth which he swallowed after it was knocked out.

Computer generated images of the baby’s injuries were shown to the jury at the court where two men were found guilty of causing the death of baby P, because the real images were to upsetting to show.

The mother of baby P had attended sessions with doctors and told GP’s that her son “bruises easily” and that she was worried in case she was accused of harming him. After a few more sessions with the doctor, unexplained bruising on baby P aroused suspicion and with no adequate explanation of what happened, Dr Jerome Iqwueke immediately referred baby P to a paediatric specialists at the Whittington Hospital.

He was examined by doctors and they concluded that it was non-accidental damage. Just two weeks before the end of his life, social workers said that his hands and face were covered in chocolate. Nothing unusual about a child with chocolate all over their face. Except, in baby P’s case, it was used to cover up bruises so not to alert social services to the brutal reality hidden behind the chocolate on his hands and face.