Glasgow kids at higher risk of abuse

By Grace Boyle

sad_girl_kids_and_divorceA recent report has indicated that one in ten Glaswegian kids are at risk from abuse be it sexual, violence, injury or neglect. The main factors behind these levels of abuse? Scotland, and in particular the West, has a long history of alcohol, drugs and solvent abuse. Our children are the innocent victims of a society gone mad, of broken families, single parent families living on the breadline, absent fathers etc.

The various agencies appear to be working hard, in particular the NSPCC Full Stop campaign, but more needs to be done to give these children a voice and the confidence to ask for help.

In the words of the singer Pink ” why would a father take his own daughters rights away? ” And why would a mother turn a blind eye to their child being battered by the father, partner, friend?

The Principal executive of (SCRA) (Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration), Ms McIvor ” In Glasgow almost one child in ten is in need of care. What are the factors in society that are leading to such an incredibly high rate?”

“By focusing on the most difficult cases we are getting a better picture of the problems, but it is a disturbing picture”

Almost 5,000 troubled children have been taken into care this year in Scotland.