Glenrothes by-election

By Nicola Dick

lindsayLabour have victory over SNP in the Glenrothes by-election.

Lindsay Roy won with a majority of 6 737 over competitor SNP’s Peter Grant. The new MP has now left his job as rector of Kirkcaldy High School.

The election resulted with Lib Dems in 3rd with 947 votes, and Tories in 4th with 1381 votes.

Former Labour MP John MacDougall died in August after being diagnosed with asbestos related cancer mesothelioma. Mr Roy will now take his place.

Mr Roy met Prime Minister Gordon Brown for breakfast before taking his seat in the House of Commons. He was given a welcoming cheer before entering.

Mr Brown has described Mr Roy’s victory as being a vote of confidence in the government’s handling of the economic crisis. He stated that the result proved people were prepared to support governments who offer them “real help.”

The 59-year-old was Mr Brown’s head teacher at his former high school. He is also a father of three and has a passion for football and mountain biking.

He also spoke of his admiration for Mr Brown believes he has helped in his win:

“With Gordon Brown, Britain is strong. With Gordon Brown, Labour has won here in Glenrothes and central Fife.”

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon described the result as being “very disappointing” for SNP. She also accused Labour’s campaign of being “negative” and focused on the one issue.