Guns N’ Roses Album Leaker Pleads Guilty


By Martyn Young

The man accused of leaking parts of Guns N’ Roses long awaited comeback album Chinese Democracy has changed his plea to guilty.

Kevin Coghill, 27 from Los Angeles California was arrested and charged with copyright infringement after uploading 9 tracks from the rock bands 16 year delayed album. Mr Coghill originally entered a plea of not guilty following his arrest in August but has now pleaded guilty in advance of a hearing to be held on December 8.

The tracks were kept under heavy security and it is unknown how they came to be in the hands of Mr Coghill. The band led by singer Axl Rose will finally release Chinese Democracy in the UK on November 23 after a 14 year delay in which members, including iconic guitarist Slash, have come and gone leaving only Axl Rose from the original line up. Guns N’ Roses were one of the biggest bands of the eighties with their brand of hard-rocking hair metal. Their 1987 album Appetite for Destruction is still regarded as a classic featuring their hit songs “Paradise City” and “Sweet Child O Mine.”

In the 16 years between the release of their last studio album Use Your Illusion and the release of Chinese Democracy the musical landscape has changed immeasurably and many critics now believe that in the 21st century Guns N’ Roses are an anachronism and nothing more than outdated rock dinosaurs. It remains to be seen if Chinese Democracy will help the band scale the heights of their 1980’s peak.