Palin: Help or hindrance to McCain?

By Steven Allison

palin3John McCain this week announced that he strongly believed that Sarah Palin was a great asset to him in his bid for presidency. In his first interview since the disastrous defeat, McCain criticised anonymous claims that she did more harm than good.

In an interview where political analysis was mixed with humorous anecdotes, he did nothing to divert responsibility from himself. He discussed the difficult political environment for Republicans at the moment and admitted that they had made a lot of mistakes. He did not, however, list them.

With reference to the verbal bashing she has recieved, he praised Palin and said of her “I am so proud of her and I’m grateful that she agreed to run with me. She inspired people and she still does” and added that he “couldn’t be happier with Sarah Palin”.

In the interview on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, McCain did not directly address the embarrassing controversy surrounding Palin’s expensive campaign wardrobe, as mocked by renound comedians such as Tina Fey on numerous occasions. Also omitted, was the fact that Palin was seemingly unprepared for answering questions regarding foreign policy and several other issues. It has been claimed by many sources, such as the Alaskan Governor, that she neither wanted nor asked for the $150,000 plus wardrobe.

He claimed that she definitely did not drift off the campaign’s message and that the most important thing to remember was that “People were very excited and inspired by her. That’s what really mattered”.

He brushed off claims that the media steered public warmth towards Obama, and said that “One thing the American’s don’t want is a sore loser”. This is certainly something McCain managed to avoid being portrayed as throughout the interview.

On the very same day, where McCain was discussing defeat, Palin remained positive by discussing the future in u number of interviews, and pegged blame for the defeat on a troubled economy and the damage that the Bush administration had caused. She also suggested that she could one day make a presidential bid.

And with this statement…”We are going to have another generation of leaders come along”, McCain suggested that the latter is more than likely a possibility.