Plans For Anderston Refurbishment

313322278_d522f6a740_m1High rise residents in Glasgow city centre can look forward to a multi million pound renovation of their homes, after an architect firm announced plans top refurbish tower blocks in the Anderston area.

Burnett Bell announced they plan to refurbish the three 14 storey tower blocks in the former Anderston Centre last week, investing £7million into the project.

John Glenday, a journalist working for the architecture magazine ‘Prospect’ gave details: “Structural repairs, including overcladding and re-roofing, are to be carried out on the Dalriada, Columba and Davaar blocks of the Anderston estate.

The architects have attempted to retain the integrity of the existing buildings by reflecting the highly modelled facades in material and colour selection. Balconies will be enclosed on the principal elevations with tinted glazing at inset levels accentuating horizontality.”

The project has been submitted to Glasgow City Council for approval and work on the three multis, built in 1974, could start as early as summer 2009.

This comes a year after it was announce the rest of the area is to be demolished by 2014.