Where are our children?

By Grace Boyle

National Adoption week is running from the 10th – 16th November and was started by the (Baaf) or the British Association of Fostering and Adoption. In the same week where Sarah Ferguson was filming undercover in the romanian orphanages to help educate the world on the awful conditions these children are still suffering, the plight of baby P has also shocked the country as the social services have yet again been blamed for the tragic way in which he was left to die, battered ,bruised, broken ribs, and back. The mother and her boyfriend had even tricked the visiting social workers by covering him in chocolate sauce to hide his bruises. The seventeen month old baby had been used as a human punchbag.

It is fifteen years since the outside world was shocked at the state of the orphanages in Romania since the news broke after Ceasescu’s topple. Many children were in fact not orphans, but couples couldn’t afford to feed their ever growing family and with no access to contraception, these unwanted children were simply given to the state and locked away. Nothing seems to have changed, so where is the the money raised from the various charitable organisations going and how is it being spent?

There are ,according to figures from (Baaf) ,over 4,000 children in the uk at present waiting for a new home, so where are they? Where are our orphanages and what state are they in.? How are our children being treated? It is time to look closer to home and ask a few questions as to the conditions our children are living in.

The world is right to be shocked about Romanian orphanages, but charity surely begins at home, and we can’t forget our own, we need to make sure that there are no more tragedies such as the sickening death of baby P.



What are we doing to protect our children? Where are our children? There are currently 4,000 kids in our country desperately waiting for a home