Boys Deaths Lead To Council Inquiry

By Chisanga Malata

Manchester City Council has launched a review of the way in which its child services department dealt with the case of the two young brothers who were found stabbed to death in their homes last Wednesday.

Brothers Delayno Mullings-Sewell, aged 3 months, and his brother Romario, aged 2 were found dead hours just after serious concerns had been raised about the “distressed state” of their mother. Jael Mullings, 21 was arrested on suspicion of murder near to her home in Cheetam Hill, North Manchester, and she was the sectioned under the mental health act yesterday.

Relatives paid tribute yesterday to “two beautiful, innocent children” and said they were “devastated” by the killings. The killings had supposedly came to light when Ms. Mullings visited her mother earlier that day when she allegedly indicated that she had done something to the boys.

It emerged last night that the family was known by the children’s services department of Manchester City Council, social workers were not involved with the family but they had receiving help in the form of babysitting and nursery provision whilst Ms. Mullings had been attending a higher education course

Pauline Newman, director of child services at the local authority ensured everything would be done to find the out the extent of the children’s services involvement with the family. “I am currently involved with my senior staff team in urgently considering the nature, extent and appropriateness of children’s services involvement with the family.”

The boys died despite the best efforts by police to locate the Ms Mullings and her children in the hours prior to the bodies being discovered at around 5.45pm on Wednesday. Witnesses said that Ms Mullings had been seen earlier in the day shouting in the street and talking to herself.

Greater Manchester Police were called at 1.20pm by a GP who raised concerns for the family’s welfare after being visited by Ms Mullings. Officers then went to the house where at about 2.50pm but could not get any response.

After another search, Ms. Mulling’s mother contacted police and the brothers were found shortly afterwards, each with a single stab wound to the abdomen. The father of the two boys, who lives at a separate address, was being given counselling yesterday.

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