News in Brief

By Rebeca Calvo-Gaspar


Firrhill Drive in fire. More than 40 firefighters from the Lothian & Borders Fire and Rescue Service helped to extinguish the fire. Some parts of the building to be demolished due to safe and security reasons. No one was harmed during the incident.

Adopt a wild animal for Christmas. The Edinburgh Zoo and the Highland Wildlife Park launch this campaign as a way to finance and support the cost of feeding and keeping these animals.


“Thank you” parades. More than 300 soldiers returned from a six-months operational tour in Afghanistan will take part in three parades in Penicuik, Glasgow and Ayr to thank families and friend for their support.

Rats in Glasgow. Almost 4000 calls for help made by more than concerned neighbors. Glasgow’s West End is the most affected area.


Men’s wages still higher than women’s. The Office for National Statistics calculates and 17.01% pay gap from 17% last year. An average full-time working woman would lose around £369,000 during her whole working life, the Equality and Human Right Commission estimates.

The Prince of Wales celebrates his 60th birthday launching the Price’s Trust’s Youth week in East London. This charity helps 14 to 30 years-old who are unemployed, with no education or training.


Official recession in Europe. Figures show the economy contracted 0,2% during the third quarter. Second consecutive negative growth define a recession. Germany and Italy first to join the club of which no country wants to be a member.

Recycled urine for astronauts. The US Space Agency invested $250m in the water recycling gear which converts waste-water, including urine, into fresh water for drinking.