Shannon Matthews Case Continues

Matthews led into court.

By Faith Orr

Karen Matthews, the mother of Shannon Matthews who went missing for 24 days earlier this year, joked about wanting to have sex with policemen during her daughters disappearance, a court heard yesterday.

A friend has told how Matthews has a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ character, lively and joking in private but solemn and subdued in public. Natalie Brown said that Matthew’s behaviour included a ‘girly moment’ when a neighbour commented on a police officer having a ‘cute bum’.

Alan Conrad QC, asked her whether ‘Matthews said she wanted to have sex with him in a room upstairs’. Brown confirmed this but said it had happened as they were all ‘laughing and joking’.

Matthews, 33, is accused of kidnapping and falsely imprisoning Shannon as well as perverting the course of justice along with Michael Donovan, 40. It is alleged that Donovan kept Shannon prisoner at his flat in Batley Carr.

The court also heard that when Matthews was given the news that her daughter had been found she was more interested in a mobile ringtone than Shannon’s wellbeing.

Detective Constable Alexander Grummitt said: “My phone rang as I was driving her to the police station. She said she liked the tune and asked me to bluetooth or text it to her.” He also added that Matthews did not enquire once about her daughter’s welfare during the journey.

It has also emerged that Donovan has been assaulted in Leeds prison where he is on remand during the three-week trial. It is understood Donovan was punched twice, but was not seriously hurt.

The jury has been told Shannon was drugged and restrained with a strap tied to a roof beam after her mother hatched a plan to make £50,000 from her faked kidnap.

The case has been adjourned until Monday.

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