Thomas is pregnant again

by: Tina Hveem

Thomas Beatie, who gave birth to his first child on 29 June this year, is now expecting again.

Thomas Beatie is pregnant again
Thomas Beatie is pregnant again

Ten years ago Thomas Beatie underwent an operation to become a man, but decided to keep his female reproductive organs, in case he wanted a family later on. This decision proved useful as he will now be father to his second child.

The 34 year-old man, who lives in Oregon, USA, announced his second pregnancy on the ABC-news, when interviewed by Barbara Walters. “I had my checkups with my hormone level… everything is right on track,” he told the TV host.

As Thomas’ wife of five years, Nancy, is reproductively challenged he decided to quit taking testosterone and the couple bought sperm from a donor. The first pregnancy went on without any further complications and he even gave birth the natural way to their daughter Susan.

After having their first child, Thomas and Nancy decided they wanted to expand their family, and their second child is due on 12 June.

Thomas’ first pregnancy received a lot of attention, and was viewed as a miracle. Read The Advocate‘s in-depth interview with Beatie here.