A Jaffa Cake Just As Healthy As An Orange?

jaffacakesBy Emma Smith 

Some parents believe that Jaffa cakes, cola and chips count as part of the recommended five-a-day portion of fruit and vegetables.

The survey conducted by Green Giant revealed that one in ten parents believed that the orange part of a Jaffa cake counted as a portion of fruit.

Although one in twenty did not think that actual oranges or bananas counted towards the target.

Fruit flavoured sweets, spaghetti hoops and orange squash were also one of the treats to be mistaken as  counting towards the intake of fruit and vegetables.

Nutritionist Vanessa McConkey said: “It is both disappointing and concerning to see that the five-a-day message isn’t getting through clearly enough to parents. Good eating habits start at home and British parents need to get their children into the habit of eating more vegetables and fruit.”

The survey also revealed that one in twenty children do not eat any fruit or vegetables at all.

Fifteen per cent of parents thought that celebrity chefs were better qualified to teach their children healthy eating habits than themselves.