Author of “Ugly” sued for defamation


by: Christine Olsson

Constance Briscoe who wrote the bestseller “Ugly”, in which she alleged that she was abused and neglected as a child, is now being sued by her mother for defamation.

Briscoe explains in the book how her mother Carmen kicked her, spat at her, deprived her of food, cut her with a knife and on one occasion, knocked her unconscious. She also clarifies that her stepfather, Garfield Eastman, sexually abused her and had put her head through a glass window.

Family members are raging against the accusations in the book, saying that it is half-truths and outright fabrications. Sister Patsy says: “This didn’t happen. My sister has invented it. What she has done is devious and dangerous. Mum’s taken it very badly. She’s never mentioned any abuse before.” Other sister Christine, brother Martin and half sister Norma agrees with Patsy.

While Miss Briscoe is one of Britain’s first black judges, sister Patsy claims that because of her prestigious position, she thinks she will be able to get away with writing the autobiography, and, that it is all about power, money and pride.

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