Clinton to become Secretary of State?

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton share a tender moment
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton share a tender moment

By Euan Black

There is increasing speculation that Hillary Clinton will become Barack Obama’s Secretary of State.

The rumours come as Mr Obama promised to work with John McCain, his Republican rival for the presidency.

The job offer for Mrs Clinton serves as a further indication that Obama will create a challenging and opinionated cabinet for his administration.

As part of her job as Secretary of State, Mrs Clinton would be expected to be the country’s voice in foreign affairs, a role she is well qualified for. She has specialised in foreign affairs since her appointment as Senator for New York.

There is allegedly a process underway to try and weigh up the pros and cons of such an appointment.

This process includes a thorough vetting of Bill Clinton’s charity foundation, to ensure there is not a conflict of interest. This would be viewed as a potential hindrance, as well as the fact she has been outspoken in the past on issues such as Iran. She claimed she would “obliterate” the country if they struck Israel, a comment which caused Iran to lodge an official complaint to the UN.  Despite this, she would be a popular choice, both in the Democrat and Republican party.

Meanwhile, in his first meeting with John McCain, Mr Obama made clear his intention to work with the Republicans in order to “launch a new era of reform”.

In their joint statement after the meeting, the two former rivals stated: “We hope to work together in the days and months ahead on critical challenges like solving our financial crisis, creating a new energy economy, and protecting our nation’s security”.

A video of the meeting can be seen here on BBC’s iPlayer.