Stevie Agnew Plays Sell Out Gig for EP Launch

By Karen Clark

It’s Saturday 15th November and I’m at the Corner Bar in Dunfermline where later on that night, Stevie Agnew, the man I’ve come to interview will play to a sold out crowd. It’s the launch of his bands first EP called Walking Into Walls.

“Say anything you like about us, make it all up. We don’t care,” he laughs. Then a pause, looks me right in the eye and says, “Just make sure you put in that the Stevie Agnew Band are all extremely handsome ok,” before erupting into laughter again.

So there you have it, handsome they are but the fact is, Walking Into Walls is a collection of three truly great songs that you can’t help but be swept along with. Stevie’s voice comes out your speakers and seeps under your skin and when the chorus of Walking Into Walls kicks in it really grabs your attention and that’s it – you’re hooked.

The EP has been available on ITunes and Amazon since March and it’s received nothing but a positive reception from down-loaders. A couple of the comments included on customers own reviews on ITunes have included, “This man is not to be missed” and, “it’s about time Scotland produced something as good as this.”

Does he take notice of those kind of comments? “Yeah it’s definitely encouraging to hear those things, but it’s not for us to say. Really, it’s down to the people who buy the it and come see us play. The good about the Internet is that more people are getting to hear our songs.”

For a guy who has been gigging for years, why has it taken so long for the band to put out their own materiel? “Well, you know, we’ve all been in different bands before playing weddings and the like and we’ve got kids, mortgages and we’ve done this in our spare time.”

The band are made up of Stevie on vocals and guitar, Dave Bernthal (guitars), Chris Agnew (bass), Liam Saunders (Keyboards) and Chris Smith (drums). Each of them a wealth of experience and knowledge who came together just last year to form the Stevie Agnew Band.

Stevie and the band look set to be very busy in the new year too with the release of their debut album possibly due for release in February (no title name yet) and spending a couple of weeks on tour in Norway. To see the video for Walking Into Walls click on the link below: