Woolas Criticises Immigration Lawyers

Lawyers and charities who work on behalf of asylum seekers coming into the UK have recently been accused of ‘playing the system’ by immigration Minister Phil Woollas

Phil Woolas
Phil Woolas

Sophie Brown, who is the chair of the Immigration Law Practitioners Association refuted these claims by saying “lawyers can only work with the law.  To say they are undermining the law is an extraordinary comment to make”.


This comment was not the only one Woollos has made to have caused shock.  He also remarked on a case about an immigrant who received entry into the UK after six appeals who he believes is only in the UK now due to UK industry’s “vested interest”.  

Despite of this Woollos did claim that there was some genuine cases in which were people did need to escape prosecution. He claimed he had personally encountered this but felt undermined by people coming into the UK who were not seeking refuge.