Ex-Bodybuilder and Hollywood-Action-Star gets into politics

Having a De-ja-vu? Ralf Moeller, performing in big action flicks like “Gladiator” and “The Scorpion King” wants to give up his acting career in order to get politically involved and become the future governor of Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Just like Schwarzenegger who is the active governor of California, Moeller could be the German equivalent to governor (Ministerpraesident), also in the highest populated state of the nation. “I want to give something back to my country” Moeller defines his intentions, but being accountable for an 18 million people strong German federal land won’t still the hunger of the 300 pounds and 2 metres colossus. He has got bigger plans.

The ex-bodybuilder could never get out of the big Austrian shadow of his rolemodel. By getting involved in politics though he finally got the one thing that Schwarzenegger lacks, and that is the right nationality to get to the very top of the country. “He can’t become president because he wasn’t born in America, I rather be “Ministerpraesident” of Nordrhein-Westfalhen, so possibly i can be chancelor later on”.

Being in power you could very much expect similar kind of political decisions From Moeller as from the governor of the Sunshine State. A strong man has to make strong politics. Moeller already received good press by charity-events and visiting the German troops in Afghanistan.

Ralf Moeller - Arm-Wrestling in Afghanistan