Council warns of sale of dodgy shellfish

With a wave of illegal shellfish being harvested we sent Emma Hill to Leith Docks to find out more.

Interviews with Dave the fisherman and Chris, assistant manager of Lochvine

Edinburgh City Council has warned businesses against purchasing shellfish that is of an uncertain origin following concerns that it may have been illegally harvested.

Local food retailers need to be aware that shellfish not containing adequete documentation which identifies the harvesting location and the area should not be bought.

Leith Docks
Leith Docks

Councillor Robert Aldridge, Environment Leader of the City Council, said: “High risk products such as shellfish should never be purchased without correct documentation to prove that they were legitimately sourced.”

A spokesman for Lothian and Borders Police added: “We urge businesses and members of the public to remain vigilant when approached by anyone selling any goods that they feel may not have been acquired legally.”

Anyone witnessing or being offered shellfish of a suspicious nature should contact the Council’s Food Safety Team on 0131 529 3030.