Mumbai Armaggedon continues

Islamist militants, after a day of bloody confrontation, made another attack on Mumbai yesterday leaving 125 dead and over 300 injured.

Terrorists attacked for the first time on Wednesday evening, aiming at the most busy spots in Mumbai. Over 24 hours, gangs of heavily armed young men had attacked a hospital, a railway station, popular restaurants and two luxury hotels. Anti-terrorist and commandos were engaged in fighting around the two hotels the Taj Mahal and Trident that has been seized.

“Four boys run into the hotel, they were wearing black t-shirts and jeans, they started shooting wild, people were screaming and running away. Those were just seconds, seconds of the unbelievable fear.” said the 25 year old Inam in ‘Times of India’.

Yesterday evening dozens of hostages were still being held and over 100 people were barricaded in Tai Mahal hotel. Hotel’s guests were trying to escape through the windows, climbing down the drainpipes, one of them died trying to flee.

Indian authorities counted about nine foreign victims of the attack and this number is undoubtedly set to rise.

“They were looking for Americans and Brits” reported some of the hotel’s prisoners.

The reasons of the attack are still unknown. A spokesman, claiming to be one of the attackers, called an Indian broadcaster saying that everything that had taken place was in revenge for the persecution of Muslims in India.

According to the military Pakistani nationals are responsible, however Pakistan has condemned the attack and has offered aid.

Manmohan Singh, the Indian prime-minister, said: “Those aggressors are from abroad, the attacks were planned outside India, but all we need to do is calm down; don’t let them take an advantage of our panic.”