Justice Has Been Done

Monster has been found guilty of Vicky murder
Guilty: Monster has been found guilty of Vicky murder

By James Davies

Justice has finally been done after monster Peter Tobin has been nailed for the murder of schoolgirl Vicky Hamilton, 17 years later.

Evil Peter Tobin ,62, has been sentenced to 30 years in jail after the hearing at the High Court in Dundee. Forensics teams found a blade jammed in between the ceiling and a joist in the attic of his Bathgate home, West Lothian after stripping his house down to the bricks. Scientists confirmed that they found a piece of skin stuck on the knife that matched the DNA of the school girl.

Prosecutors at the High Court blasted Peter Tobin as “a man with no recognisable humanity”. Scott Pattison, director of operations for the Crown Office and the Procurator Fiscal Service, said: “They had been determined to get justice for Vicky.

“For some time now, Vicky’s family have known the awful truth of what happened to Vicky after she disappeared. The truth is, a man of no recognisable humanity took the life of the girl they loved. Tobin repeatedly denied his responsibility for Vicky’s death and denied ever having any contact with her.

“The callous denial of the truth caused additional and prolonged distress for Vicky’s family”. He added: ” the evidence in this case has shown that Tobin has a casual indifference to the violent inhumanity of his actions. Our Thoughts remain with Vicky’s family.”

The sister of Vicky Hamilton, Lindsay Brown,24, told how their families 17-year nightmare was finally over: ” We are glad this 17-year nightmare has come to an end. There were many times when we were thinking this day wouldn’t come.

“We are hoping now that we can move on as a family and start to remember Vicky as the loving sister she was before she was so cruelly taken from us”. She also added: ” We would like to take the opportunity to offer our condolences to the family and friends of Angelika Kluk.”

Beast Tobin has now been linked to at least another dozen unsolved murders over the past 40 years. Traces of other unknown DNA has also been found on the knife that he used to slaughter Vicky with.